Brought To You By Pfizer

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Big Pharma, Mass Murder

I won’t stop until those responsible are hanging from the gallows.

Even if you’re an avowed “blue voter,” which seems to imply you have a closed-mind, my hope is you still think mass murder is wrong.

Just this week, Damar Hamlin was cleared to play football again, after collapsing, literally dead on the field, shortly after to return with Satanic images all over his attire. So I may be wrong about your opinion of mass murder.

Many diagnosed with myocarditis, an admitted side effect of vaccines for COVID, are still out there doubling down on their doubt, while half of them will be dead in five years. According to the Cleveland Clinic “the survival rate for myocarditis is 80% one year after having it and 50% five years later.


Mark Urso

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