And the Blind Shall See!

I hadn’t been inspired to write, but then I bumped into a video of Russell Brand. He’s an off-color, long-haired eccentric host of blabber, but he makes sense. Brand’s appeal is edgy; he’s the opposite of stiff. A lot of people like him, though he can be brash, because he’s honest.

A lesson we can take to heart as our nation battles for a grip on reality is that it’s important to be able to admit you’re wrong. All of us can’t be right, and at some point all the mindless bickering must stop!

This is Brand talking about meeting Tucker Carlson. There’s a bit of everything here for everybody!

“I believe if we have conversations like this we will come to peaceful conclusions that meaningfully change the trajectory of the planet! That’s what I believe! That human beings are fundamentally beautiful, there’s a bit of good in the worst of us and a bit of bad in the best of us, and together we can create something beautiful!” – Russell Brand

There were over 33-thosuand comments! Here’s mine:

No need to make it complicated – it’s right versus wrong, and the people who are right are not hypocrites. Don’t forget the origin of the word sinister.

If you simply look at it as right versus wrong, good versus evil, logic versus insanity, NOT left versus right, you’ll get it.

Most people don’t even understand the concept of “progressive” or “left” versus “right” but we all assume everyone fits into this categorization and once we label them it will make sense, but it never will. A right thinking lefty and a right thinking righty are both thinking right. Period. This is why the fatally-extreme-progressive type people always eat their own words; they start off with wild speculation mixed with utter bullshit then feel eternally obliged to defend it. All the while the right-thinking people are standing tall and strong without needing to defend anything and never having even begun to dig a hole.

It’s not left versus right, not Democrat versus Republican, not Progressive or Left versus Conservative, it’s right versus wrong. It doesn’t need a new label,, which only confuses the picture. This is also why some tree-huggers, like yourself, feel obligated to align with “left” or “progressive” or “democrat.” It’s a sin when you vote Democrat and get something you didn’t expect, ’cause now 300 million of us have to live with the collective bad decisions of people who think they’re hippies but have no idea what modern “progressive” can really mean in an inner city, desperate, Satan-entangled experience, one enhanced by virtual computer-aided solidarity and a big cheating robotic voice on Twitter.

If you love surfing, frisbee and hug a tree now and then, like I always thought of myself (and my father was a Democratic State Senator) … that does NOT mean you should thoughtlessly plug BLM, vote Democrat and buy into all the fear and guilt the left is spreading. It’s right versus wrong, and I can hug a tree, toss a disc, say my prayers and be proud of who I am. I still have a ponytail and it looks pretty good at 60. I was a conscientious objector. My dad frowned when I told him. For me, that was radical hippie.

Now pot’s for sale everywhere, the country is overweight and our schools have been infiltrated by fear-mongering legitimate weirdos, teaching our children. The concept of hippie is long gone, but it has NOT been replaced.

Voting on party lines was never supposed to relieve a citizen of his responsibility to know what he’s voting for, and one party (not the other) has sinfully taken advantage of the innate easiness, the laziness of the average voter. “I vote Democrat” means the opposite of what many people think it does. They think they’re being virtuous, and their self image is supported by robots, AI, bad algorithms and outright censorship.

You see it now. I’m glad. If you’re thinking “right” the pieces of the puzzle, as ugly as it is, all fit together.

God bless you Russell, and thanks!


Mark Urso

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