A Personal Letter from David Attenborough

Dear Good Personal Friend,

As you know, it’s getting cold in the Northeast USA. Squirrels are stocking up for a nutty Christmas, the common housecat waking to a frosty rooftop, and humans busy roasting toasty chestnuts, sending plumes of white smoke out the chimneys of their winter homes … putting bicycles away for the season.

urus theodorus
artist’s depiction

During the harsh winter the rare Italian Bear (Ursus Theodorus) does something remarkable. His unique contribution to society is … He sings!

Similar to the animatronic Country Bear made famous by Walt Disney, Theodorus, like all bears, does hibernate in the cold part of the year, but unlike others, he has trouble sleeping, so spends winter creating, whittling away in his cozy den for months on end … taking only a periodic nap now and then.

Indigenous people say Theodorus gets inspiration from the moon!

He’s a bear-narrator, like myself. A storyteller.

In winter this barmy bear is found huddling in its cave, humming, strumming, and drumming … in bits ’n bobs pondering the passing time.

Then, Theodorus will emerge to sing a new song to a glowing spring moon.

But this unique bear needs your help!

While Congress debates new environmental issues almost daily, the plight of the Italian Bear goes mostly unnoticed, his song threatened to go unheard.

Just as sure as this letter really is from me, Sir David Attenborough, narrator and naturalist and famous person, the moon needs the song of the bear!

Please help! Save the moon! This is probably the most important thing ever!

It’s my responsibility as a famous person on the telly to make sure the twang of the Italian Bear is heard by as many people as possible! Join me!

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Sir David Attenborough
Famous Person on the Telly

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