Ahhhh, Finally Relief From The Summer Heat Wave! (or, Not The Official Weather)

Winter View

A view of my river in the winter.

Fire up a hot pot of cocoa and snuggle up for the rest of the day!

Remember, “Official Weather Forecast” is a terrific combination of words to put in your blog (for you aspiring bloggers).

My previous post was a video of me playing guitar and singing, opening with an original song called “Globe of Time.” The lyrics say “Life is alive in a globe of time … It’s all stuck together with invisible glue … The whole damn thing you can see right through!”

This is true when we look backwards, because time allows us to look at it after it has gone by. The interrelationships, causes and effects of things in the globe of our histories can sometimes only be seen in retrospect, and the connections are often surprising and unexpected.

Isn’t time a funny thing. We can capture last winter with a photo so real we can almost feel the cold snow on our fingertips. No matter how hot it is outside, we can’t change the temperature or call upon the snow to fall. No matter how many bills we have to pay, we can’t have the money “some other time,” even if we did have the money in the past. No matter how hungry, we have to hunt for the future, and the past seems to be for informational purposes only. No matter how pretty the photo.

If we didn’t have time, our universe would not have structure. Structure would not exist. Everything is contained in the globe of time we live within. Memories so vivid it can be cruel.

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