A Different Kind of Confidence

It’s a different kind of confidence
You might say a different fear
It takes a different kind of man
Maybe I need some practice dear

Sometimes I think I can lead an army
I see legions of fans from the stage
It takes guts to get validation in public
But it’s a whole different thing face to face

Help me, I just need a friend
Help me I feel like I’m twelve again
It’s not you it’s me I’m frozen in time
It’s too important I can’t make up my mind

It’s a different kind of confidence
It’s a different fear
Am I a man or a little boy
Losin’ my cool whenever you’re near

There’s lots of things of which I’m proud
And I’m in my zone when I’m turned up loud …
I can hold my own and I can handle a crowd
But I feel like a new kid when you’re in town

If we ever … get together
In my mind it would be fine
I won’t ask you to forgive me
Maybe we … could just be quiet

Mark Urso


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