25-Billion-Dollar Reward For Signing Up (Complete A Quick Action!)

That’s right! 25-billion-dollars will be given to one lucky reader!


Somebody’s gonna be rich – why not you? Don’t delay, just simply give me your First Name, your Email Address, and your Eyeballs. That’s all I need. In return, you will be entered into the “Marvelous Mark Makes Me Mucho RICH” (Amazon Event Code # MMMMMR) contest, during which one lucky winner will receive 25-billion-dollars from my personal checking account, which has that much money in it.

More than that, actually. It’s not a big deal.

Or, at least I have my pride. That’s worth a lot.

And you’ll get lots of cool information and music and stuff.

Beyonce in traditional Earth garb.

I learned years-ago (long before Facebook) there are newspapers (and this is NOT related to the above-mentioned contest) which publish front-page news stories about Obama meeting with Aliens, or Beyonce taking her dress off on a faraway planet; you know, things that are sort of far-fetched … and these papers and magazines get away with telling their fake news simply because the news is SO far-fetched no-one could possibly believe it.

I don’t know why I wanted to mention that. It’s not related.

Happy money counting!

Sign up! Don’t forget why you came here!

I love you! Whoever you are! And you can’t put a price on that!

See you in the signup list! Oh, by the way, visit the store!



(I KNOW you’re going to WIN!)


So, it seems you’re still scrolling … what is wrong with you!

I mean that in fun. You’re still awesome. Maybe your clickey-clickey is broken, and your scroller is just happy as can be. If so, watch this – I’ll put secret code below that makes the signup form appear ONLY FOR YOU – no-one else can see it. It’s invisible to everyone else. You should feel very special, because YOU ARE!



(just a little more)


2 Replies to “25-Billion-Dollar Reward For Signing Up (Complete A Quick Action!)”

  1. I have signed up and am navigating your endless loops through click-traps. Finally settling here as a means of escape.

    I know I will be rewarded with the 25 billion dollars because, not only have I earned it, You, sir, have told me explicitly that You know I am going to win, so…I thank you for that.

    As I have not much time left in this phase of existence, please take my winnings and distribute them around to the less fortunate in our family .( That’s $3-$4 and change for each, or larger amounts to fewer groups, I’ll let you decide. I trust you.)

    Well, that’s it for comments for today…see you back at Quora.

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